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Spicy Green Chili and Cheese Chilaquiles

Total Time Prep Time: 30 min. Cook Time: 40 min Serves 8 servings

A plate of chilaquiles, drizzled with cream and green onion. Served with refried beans.
Spicy Green Chile and Cheese Chilaquiles

Enjoy a fresh take on this tasty Mexican dish, Spicy Green Chili and Cheese Chilaquiles! Tortilla chips, salsa Verde, optional fried eggs, and vibrant garnishes create a flavorful breakfast, brunch, or dinner.


1 pound of Tomatillos, cored, rough chop.

1 1/4 Cups Onions, rough chop

4 Garlic Cloves

4 Green Onions, remove root.

2 Teaspoons Mexican Oregano

1 1/4 Cups Cilantro Leaves, chopped.

1/4 Cup Green New Mexico Hatch Chile Powder

1/2 Fluid Ounce Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon Sea Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

20 Corn Tortillas

2 Cups Neutral Frying Oil

4 Eggs, large

1/4 Cup Cojita Cheese, crumbled.

1/4 Mexican Crema

Old Pueblo Poblano Green Jalapeno Sauce

Cilantro Leaves, garnish

Shaved Radish, garnish


Set the broiler to high and line a sheet pan with aluminum foil.

Spread the quartered tomatillos, chopped onions, garlic cloves and green onions onto the lined pan. Roast the vegetables under the broiler, tossing occasionally, until the surfaces are softened and blackened.

Transfer the roasted vegetables to a blender and add the oregano, cilantro, Old Pueblo Poblano Green Jalapeno Sauce, and Green New Mexico Hatch Chile Powder. Add a splash of water if necessary to puree smooth and while running drizzle the olive oil into the blending sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Set this aside.

Add 2 cups of frying oil to a large skillet (deep cast iron is a good choice) and place over a medium-high heat.

Stack the yellow corn tortillas and slice them into 3 even sections. Cut the sections in half to make rectangle shapes. Dip a tortilla piece into the oil and if it bubbles and sizzles then add all the pieces. Stir often while frying until the tortillas are golden brown and crisp then remove them to paper towels to drain.

Discard all but 1 tablespoon of oil from the pan and return to medium-high heat. Add the green chili sauce and fry to a simmer, cook for 2-3 minutes then add the chips. Toss to coat the tortillas and remove to serving vessels. Fry the eggs in a separate pan and serve with finished chilaquiles. Add Mexican crema, cheese, radish and cilantro to garnish. Add a few more dashes of Old Pueblo Poblano Green Jalapeno Sauce to taste.

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